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For the individual aspiring to make smarter nutritional decisions, EduPlated provides on-demand access to certified nutritional professionals at a fraction of the price of private nutritional counseling - all from the comfort of your own home
Make better nutritional decisions with the support of a dietitian
Receive timely, accurate and personalized care from your dedicated coach
Access your Registered Dietitian anytime, anywhere and all from the comfort of your home
Pay a fraction of the price of traditional one-on-one in-person nutritional coaching sessions
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Enhanced Perfomance

Achieve more energy or sport-specific performance through the power of food

Personalized Meal Plans

Find your better self through personalized nutritional planning. Lose weight, gain muscle or find energy, one mouthful at a time

Healthier Children

Obtain the right food recommendations for your children

Food to Enhance Health

Eat to a specific diet such as gluten-free or manage diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and obesity

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Our Advisors
Meredith Kessler

Meredith Kessler is a leading professional triathlete, having completed 59 Ironman distance races with first place victories in 11 Ironman and 20 half-Ironman events.

“Nutrition is vital to performance and EduPlated is bridging the gap between figuring out how to eat right and reaching your goals, whatever they might be.”

Meredith KesslerProfessional Triathlete
Matt Fitzgerald

Matt Fitzgerald is a certified sports nutritionist, prominent writer for multiple magazines, including Men’s Health, and author of numerous books, including How Bad Do You Want It, Racing Weight, and Iron War

“EduPlated’s mission to help people achieve their nutrition goals through personalized online counseling is sure to improve the nutritional landscape and I’m personally excited to be involved in their plans to make a real difference in the world.”

Matt FitzgeraldNutritionist, Author